Know Nastiest Controversies and Accusations to Have Come Out of Bigg Boss Marathi

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The Marathi entertainment industry is bustling with excitement as the most anticipated and controversial television show Bigg Boss is just knocking on the doors. This year, Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4 will premiere on October 2 on the television channel Colors Marathi. The enthusiasm of fans seems to have crossed its limits as they sit by their remote, counting the days of the show’s arrival.

The BB House is known for its ugly verbal disputes and challenging tasks the contestants are assigned. As you wait for the big day to grab a bucket of popcorn and watch the drama unfold before your eyes, here is a look back at some of the major controversies of the previous seasons of Bigg Boss.

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Rajesh Shringarpure and Resham Tipnis

Actor Rajesh Shringarpure’s relationship with Resham Tipnis stole the limelight in Bigg Boss Marathi season 1. Rajesh who was already married to Dimple Shringarpure at that time made a shocking revelation on camera. He confessed to his wife that he had fallen in love with Resham.

Rutuja Dharmadhikari

Marathi serial Ratris Khel Chale fame, Rutuja Dharmadhikari had a nasty competition with Rajesh Shringarpure when they were given the Save Water task. The two competitive souls fought very hard to win the challenge. However, during the competition, Rutuja got badly injured after she slipped and fell on her back. The injury turned out to be so serious that she had to quit the show to receive medical treatment.

Abhijeet Bichukale

Viewers were left shocked after Bigg Boss Marathi 2 participant, Abhijeet Bichukale was picked from the BB House and taken into custody for cheque-bouncing fraud. He was interrogated for long hours by the police. Later, he was dismissed, post which he joined the show again.

Shivani Surve

Actress Shivani Surve was riddled with controversies the moment she stepped inside the BB House in Season 2. She later expressed feeling uncomfortable in the show and pleaded to leave the premises. However, taking viewers by surprise, host Mahesh Manjrekar did not even flinch for a second before he complied with Shivani’s request and threw her out. Mahesh even called her a crybaby.

Sneha Wagh and Avishkar Darvhekar

Actress Sneha Wagh and her ex-husband Avishkar Darvhekar’s entry into Bigg Boss served as a thunderbolt to not only the Bigg Boss fans but also Sneha herself. The former couple got trapped in controversy later in the show. They also spilled the beans on their public divorce.

Vishal Niakam and Sonali Patil:

Vishal and Sonali had an ugly fight on the premises of the BB House. Vishal accused Sonali of forcefully trying to get his attention and get up close with Vishal, although he already had a girlfriend. Vishal even claimed that Sonali was a drug addict.

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