Caste column in Rajasthan cops’ transfer order; Withdrawn in hours

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The Tonk police in Rajasthan withdrew the transfer order of eight constables within hours after it invited criticism for mentioning their caste and said it was a “clerical mistake”.

The order was issued by the superintendent of police (SP), Tonk, Manish Tripathi on Saturday. The SP later issued an order to withdraw the transfer list and clarified that the caste was mentioned by mistake. A revised order was issued thereafter.

“The first order had the column of caste. It was an unintentional mistake, and was withdrawn within a few hours,” he said. He added that the constables were transferred on their own request.

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“It was my mistake and I accept it. Nobody is to be blamed, it was a clerical mistake. I take the responsibility. It was just a mistake which has been rectified,” said the SP.

Commenting on the development, senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and MLA, Vasudev Devanani said the administration in this government has totally gone uncontrolled. “The police is being politically used and is politicised because of which the cops are now transferred on caste basis. The act is a violation of the Constitution. The Congress government is encouraging casteism in police, whose duty is to maintain law and order. The ill effects of such practices will soon be visible in the society and an atmosphere of anarchy will develop,” he alleged.

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